Saturday, July 30, 2011

So we've moved

We have been concentrating on our other two blogs is the link to get to both. All the sporting news you could ever need is all there, and all the fantasy football coverage a person could ever need is there also. Be sure to read some articles and leave some comments

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Steroids

  So it appears that the former 'Two In a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen, was also apart of Major League Baseballs steroid buzz of the late 80's.  In a new interview Sheen admitted that while shooting 'Major League' in 1989 he took steroid "for like six or eight weeks"  Everyone remembers Sheen's charactor  Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn,  not just Indians fans,  though that probably was the best thing that Indians fans had going on at the time for sure.
   Sheen claims that by taking them his fast ball went from topping off at 79mph to going up to 85mph. So tell me again that if Roger Clemens was taking steroids it wouldn't of improved his numbers,  if a average guy can get 6mph over a 2month period just think what a world class guy can do with trainer's and pitching coaches.  Truth be told who knows if this is even true, I mean it isn't coming from the most reliable source,  kind of like Jose Canseco when his book was released,  Sheen is now looking for work and he could just be trying to keep his name in those headlines a little while longer so he could finally close some sort of deal down.
   Either way it don't change the fact that 'Major League' was and is a great sports film, one of the best baseball films,  and since it is just a movie not real life, his steroid use didnt have any effect on anything other than his kidneys but Im sure the cocaine has cleared up that problem.

what do you guys think? and what are the greatest sports and baseball movies Pof all time?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What we have to offer our readers

  Everyday millions of people world wide go to work, or to there everyday life, and talk about sports.  Allot of people dont have the time to watch sports, sports center, local new cast in order to keep up with the hot topics.  What we or aiming to do is to post columns talking about that days hottest topics, as well has starting debates that our readers will hopefully take in.

  We have contacts in the world of sports, from sports casters, to athletes, so from time to time we will be breaking news, and always be able to give our readers great insight to what is going on in the world of sports.  We are currently getting this site running and in the next few days we will begin our columns.

  we currently have a blog didicated to fantasy sports, and general sports,  there are link all overe this blog to get to that one as well.  we take great pride in what we are doing so please join us and let us know how  your experience is. thanks everyone

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Import error

Some how while attempting to import another blog my other blogger posted on here please excuse this mess! We just started this second blog to be dedicated to news and opinion and apologize for the error, we are learning all this as we go. So we will have those deleted and the correct ones importated soon! If you do happen to like those you can go to the page there from for all your fantasy football needs!
Thanks, and again sorry for any incovenience

Top tightends for you fantasy football draft

The tightend position is vastly under rated position. I reliable tightend can help a fantasy line up tremendously, they can be the difference between a playoff team and a middle of the pack team. If your lucky enough to get a top tightend you are consistently getting 10+ points a week, allot of fantasy people discard this position and will score 2-3 points a week this is were you can start to separate yourself. Our rankings are based on a non ppr league, so if you are in a ppr league tweak the rankings accordantly.
1.) Vernon Davis, he is the number 1 target for his team, he is consistent and reliable. If your in a ppr league his value is even greater.
2.) Dallas Clark, Indy has serious O-line concerns expect allot of dumps and he can make plays!
3.) Antonio Gates, he will score double digits weekly.

  Just a preview of our fantasy football rankings, please visit us at the link above,

Getting ready for you fantasy football draft

When getting ready for an upcoming fantasy football season most people do very little more than by a book and take that book to their draft and checking off players and taking best available according to a book. If your in a league were you take the time to actually do a draft your probably in a pay league, I strongly suggest taking a few factors into consideration. First of all know schedules, people who are having contract issues, players who are in a contract years and possible injury issues. Second, and I think more importantly, know your leagues point set up! The point structure of a league should more than anything determain what position you draft first.
For example if your in a league that is a PPR league, points per reception, I receiver or a runningback who gets catches could give you more production than a QB. Make sure you know your quarterback scoring, some league only give QB's 4 points for throwing a TD 1 point for every 25 yards passed, but 6 for rushing TD's and 1 point for every 10 yards they rush. If that is the case someone like Rodgers Vick or even Josh Freeman could work in a later round.
If you learn your leagues point system up and down and then incorporate that into your draft strategy it will pay off in your league. Just a little research before you draft can give you a full year worth of bragging rights amongst co-workers friends and family.
Be sure to check out our top 10 by positions columns, coming later today will be our tightend list then our kickers defendsive list and out individual defensive player list aswell. Please leave comments and suggestions, what do you think about our top 10's? Do you have any advice for fantasy drafts? Any questions people would like us to answer email us at and we will answer in a column, we will answer all questions!

Fantasy football 2011 reciever ranks

1.) Andre Johnson, he is constant year to year expect the norm from him.

2.) Calvin Johnson, 12 TD's last year, with a healthy Matthew Stafford the lions will be moving the ball next season!

3.) Greg Jennings, I took Jim early last year and it paid off I will do it again this season, I believe he will produce monster numbers this season

   that is a preview of our 2011 fantasy football rankings as seen on our blog, whatshissalary.  check it out