Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top tightends for you fantasy football draft

The tightend position is vastly under rated position. I reliable tightend can help a fantasy line up tremendously, they can be the difference between a playoff team and a middle of the pack team. If your lucky enough to get a top tightend you are consistently getting 10+ points a week, allot of fantasy people discard this position and will score 2-3 points a week this is were you can start to separate yourself. Our rankings are based on a non ppr league, so if you are in a ppr league tweak the rankings accordantly.
1.) Vernon Davis, he is the number 1 target for his team, he is consistent and reliable. If your in a ppr league his value is even greater.
2.) Dallas Clark, Indy has serious O-line concerns expect allot of dumps and he can make plays!
3.) Antonio Gates, he will score double digits weekly.

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